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Alphavedic Medicated Mud Face Pack is enriched with herbal ingredients which are free from harsh chemicals & suitable for all skin types helps youthful firming & revitalizing for all skin types. Alphavedic medicated mud face mask paste is 100% pure formulation made from Ancient Ayurveda recipes as prescribed in the Vedas & Ancient Indian text which includes Haldi, Neem, Tulsi, Kokum butter, Almond Oil, Honey, Aloe vera processed in Multani mitti. All these herbs have astringent, cleansing, moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & rejuvenating properties. A solution to all skin problems.

Gulab Jal; the quintessential liquid that’s known to magically transform your skin and hair. Packed with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties this elixir literally is your one-stop for all things beauty and skin related. Gulab Jal is a natural astringent that balances and restores skin's PH level, helps tighten pores and acts as the perfect alcohol-free toner for oily or acne-prone skin. A refreshing spritz that can be used to refresh the skin at any time of the day.


Alphavedic Mud Pack & Gulab Jal

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  • Combo Benefits for Glowing and Refreshing Skin

    1. Improving Skin Tightness
    2. Providing the Skin with Nutrition
    3. Exfoliation of dead Skin Cells
    4. Cleansing the Skin
    5. Removal of excess oil
    6. Increases Skin Flexibility
    7. Improves the Complexion of Skin
    8. Reduces Dark Circles
    9. Help Reduce Blackheads
    10. Balance Skin PH 
     11. Tightens Pores

  • Key Ingredients

    Alphavedic Mud Pack

    Kokum Butter - It helps prevents drying of the skin and contains antioxidant properties. It helps stabilize emulsions. Softens the skin and restores skin flexibility.

    Haldi - It is a great natural exfoliator and helps in removing dead skin cells. It can also help restore your natural glow and treat uneven skin tone. It is also great for removing suntan.

    Almond Oil - It is an amazing anti-aging agent. It encourages collagen production and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It is rich in antioxidants. It is very soothing and nourishing to the skin.

    Honey - It creates a defensive layer that keeps bacterial and fungal infections away. The vitamins and minerals present in the honey fight against acne-causing microbes. It also keeps your skin hydrated and gives it a natural glow.

    Neem - Neem has anti-inflammatory property that reduces acne. The neem oil is believed to relieve skin dryness, skin itchiness and redness. It also prevents pimples and skin blemishes.

    Alphavedic Gulab Jal

    Rose Extracts- Roses have a long history of use for therapeutic benefits. Every part of the flower was – and still is – used; its fragrance is known for helping to calm and re-balance the mind and body, and its extract helps provide astringent and soothing benefits. For dry, mature, and (especially) sensitive skin types, Rose Extract is ideal; this ingredient is most highly touted for harboring intensive hydrating properties.

    But that’s not all. With such a complex array of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, Rose Extract boasts incredible benefits when used in skin care. As a gentle antiseptic and astringent, it can help cleanse skin and prevent blemishes. Anti-inflammatory properties enable Rose Extract to help minimize redness and soothe irritation – making it ideal for all skin types (acneic, dry, mature, sensitive) because of its calming and healing abilities. In addition, Rose Extract is believed to be able to help reduce spots and discoloration.

  • How to Use Organic Combo

    Alphavedic Mud Pack

    Step 1: Scoop out some Alphavedic mud pack - Use your middle and ring fingers to scoop out some of the beauty mud. Start with a small amount, about the size of a dime. 
    Step 2: Place the beauty mud on the apples of your cheeks and gently spread it around your cheeks, forehead, temples, chin, and nose. Avoid applying the mask to your eye area.
    Step 3: Once you've applied the mud mask, leave it on for 15-20 minutes or until the mud starts drying out.
    Step 4: Take a clean cotton cloth and soak it in lukewarm water. Wring it out completely and gently rub it against the mud mask. Keep rinsing and wringing out the cloth in between rubbing the mask off. 
    Step 5: Take a soft clean cloth and carefully pat your face dry. Avoid rubbing your skin since this could damage your sensitive skin. Moisturise your skin. 
    Step 6: Try applying it once a week, or once every two weeks if your skin tends to be sensitive or dry. 

    Alphavedic Gulab Jal

    Step 1: Spray onto the face and body for a refreshing effect. 
    Step 2: Reapply as desired.

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