• Shivangi vyas

Secret Revealed! Lifestyle habits of Happy and successful couples.

Valentine’s day almost here. It’s the season of love. The entire week is celebrated with nothing but love. While some are already head over heels for their soulmates, some would try their luck and take the initiative to ask that someone special out. Falling in love or finding love is easy but to have a relationship stay forever is the real job. When you’re in love, nothing feels wrong but there are basic things you need to keep in mind to have a happy successful relationship.

  • Time- give them the most precious gift of time. Even if you or your partner or both of you are working, spend some time with each other. Put your phone aside, turn off the laptop, keep your office work away. Talk to them, know how their day went. Watch your favourite show or movie together. Be all ears to what they want to say. In this modernised world, giving time to your partner and relationship is the best thing to do for a happy and successful couple.

  • Respect- one of the essential thing for a healthy relationship is showing respect to your partner. By doing this you are letting them you that you accept them, love them even with their flaw and care for them. If something about them bothers you, talk to them in private about it rather than putting out for the world to make fun of it.

  • Help them with daily chores- no matter how busy schedule you have throughout the day, take some time out and help your partner with day-to-day activities. Make your bed or make them breakfast. Help them do the dishes. This way they will know you are there for them and they are not alone. This kind of gestures will make you one of the happiest couples.

  • Understanding and forgiveness- the backbone for any relationship is understanding. if at some point you or your partner disagree with each other, understand the reason rather than forcing them to follow what you want. Do not judge them without understanding them completely. And with understanding comes forgiveness. No one is perfect. Humans are meant to make mistakes but what counts is how forgiving you are. For a long-lasting bond, you need to have understanding and forgiveness.

  • Support- there is nothing more beautiful than being there for your partner. When you say you will be there for them through thick and thins, follow that. Cheer them on good days and be with them, help them get back on their feet when they fall. Be proud of them. Respect each other's opinion.


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