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About Alphavedic


Our main motto is to provide people with products that are 100% natural and nature-friendly. All
the products of Alphavedic are completely natural and chemical free.


Alphavedic has a solid base of values and believes in delivering the best
results to the people with the help of Ayurvedic ingredients. Mr Shrey Jain,
who has an experience of more than six years in the industry and Dr. Vivek
Mehta with an experience of more than five years in the field of Medical
Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine have come together to form Alphavedic.
Thus, Alphavedic has been making sure that the Ayurvedic medicines, as
well as the experienced Ayurvedic doctors, can all be found on the same


Reason Behind the Name
A lot of thought and planning has gone into naming the company. The word
‘Alpha’ means;A Leader; and ‘Vedic’ means ‘coming from Vedas’ and thus
it combines our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda . Put together to form the
name "AlphaVedic". We have thoughtfully kept this name as we see
ourselves as the future leaders in the market of Ayurveda. We make sure

that the customers who are using our products are thrilled with what they
receive as Customer Satisfaction is our priority.


Our Mission:
While building Alphavedic, our mission was to create every single product
by making use of safe, good quality and natural ingredients. We
continuously strive to give our customers products that will delight them
and bring the maximum benefits to them. We have a team of experts who
work consistently for creating such natural and pure products with the best
Ayurvedic ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of the product. By
making use of the extensive knowledge of Ayurveda that our team of
experienced Ayurvedic Doctors possesses, we intend on keeping our rich
heritage alive while protecting our natural environment from the slightest
harm. We also make products which are chemical free, which makes them
highly beneficial for healthy skin, healthy body and leading a healthy life


Our Vision:
Our vision is to create a single platform bringing together all the Ayurvedic
doctors across the country and make available the life changing benefits of
Ayurvedic science through our products.
Register with us today and be a part of a happy and healthy Ayurveda
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